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How to choose a match fishing rod

Going to buy a match fishing rod, you should decide in advance what kind of fish you plan to catch and on what reservoirs. For fishing in shallow waters, it is worth purchasing a tackle, the length of which is 4.5 meters. If you plan to fish in waters with a fast current, it is advisable to give preference to a rod, the length of which is 5.5 meters. A 4-meter long match rod (test 10-20 g) is considered a universal tackle. Next, you should pay attention to the test. For fishing near the coastline, a test of 2-15 grams is suitable, and for fishing at a great distance from the coast, it is best to give preference to tackle with a test of 30-40 grams. Carbon fiber rods are pleasing at an affordable cost, and therefore are widely popular today. However, it is very important to handle such gear correctly.Avoid sudden overload and mechanical shock. It is advisable to use covers for transporting forms.

Rating of the best match rods

According to the reviews of avid anglers that can be found on the forums, the best match rods today are the models, the description of which can be found below.

Shimano Speedcast Match 390

This series includes 5 models of forms, painted in a dark gray palette. Thanks to the increased tip sensitivity, anglers can enjoy medium-sized fish fishing. Fuji guides prevent excessive line friction. The reel seat clearly transmits vibrations. Among the main advantages of Shimano Speedcast Match 390 are:

  • long service life;
  • good sweep;
  • small mass;
  • good quality;
  • Fuji reel seat.

The disadvantage of this model, anglers consider the high cost (12,600 rubles).

Mikado Da Vinci S-Match 390

The tackle of the Polish brand is suitable for anglers who catch large fish at a long distance. Thanks to the use of high modulus carbon in the manufacturing process, the rod is strong and tough. Anglers consider the significant advantages of Mikado Da Vinci S-Match 390:

  • acceptable cost;
  • conveniently located reel seat;
  • the presence of a dense fabric cover.

The only drawback of this model is the increased weight (259 grams).

Salmo Diamond Match 15

A blank with a large number of movable rings does a good job of distributing the load when playing large fish. Due to the small diameter of the guide rings, the load on the tackle is reduced. The advantages of the model include light weight, reasonable cost and the ability to use the rod in winter. No obvious deficiencies were identified.

Volzhanka 3.9

Tackle Volzhanka is made of graphite. Thanks to the lightweight reel seat, the angler can easily cast 40-50 meters. The manufacturer equips the neoprene handle with EVA inserts. The Volzhanka’s low weight, reasonable cost and conveniently located reel seat are the main advantages of this model. The disadvantages of Volzhanka include the rapid wear of the neoprene from the handle.

Sabaneev Impressia Match 420

A Russian-made rod pleases anglers with its increased strength and ease of use. The design allows casting at a distance of 5-25 meters. During fishing, the tackle acts like a spring, exhausting the fish. Reliability and unpretentiousness can be attributed to the advantages of Sabaneev Impressia Match 420. Too long handle, in turn, is considered a disadvantage.

Match tackle: what is it

A light float tackle designed for long-distance casting is called a match rod. There are several movable rings at the tip of the tackle plug blank. Thanks to this, while playing large fish, the load will be evenly distributed. There are two types of blanks on sale: composite match and carbon fiber. The latter are very popular due to their low weight. The length of rods can be up to 6 meters, but experts recommend giving preference to tackles, the length of which is in the range of 3-4 meters. Such a rod will be sufficient for long-distance casts. Match gears are categorized. Test indicators will vary depending on the class. According to this division, rods are divided into:

  • classic lightweight rods with a test of 2-10 grams;
  • classic universal tackle with a dough of 5-25 gr;
  • reinforced match fishing rod with dough 10-30 g;
  • an elongated tackle, the test of which is 10-40 grams.

The significant advantages of a match rod are long-distance casting, the ability to catch large fish (3-4 kg), and there is no need to purchase a boat for casting. The disadvantage of the tackle is the impossibility of fishing fish near the surface of the reservoir.

History of origin

For a long time it was believed that the people of England invented the match tackle. However, this is not at all the case. The fishermen of our country used the running equipment in the middle of the last century. In those days, the appearance of the gear was much simpler. The functions of the spinning rod were performed by a bamboo stick with rings. Also, the fisherman used an inertia device Nevskaya and a sliding float.

Fishing with a match rod – what are the features?

Fishing with match tackle is slightly different from other methods of fishing with a float. A fisherman who comes to a pond, first of all, must find a promising place using a depth gauge-markerand feed the found point with a slingshot. It is very important to choose the right composition and consistency of the bait mixture. The bait ball launched from the slingshot should not crumble during the flight or when hitting the water. To catch bottom fish, you need to prepare a mixture that will decay only after it hits the bottom. In other cases, it is advisable to make a bait that creates a feed post while falling to the bottom. When biting, the fisherman must make a sharp cut. Due to the long distance and extensibility of the line, the likelihood of a successful bite will be reduced. When fishing on a match tackle, a thin line is used, so it is necessary to take the fish in the nets. Match fishing for beginners – how and where to fish with a match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U-rCStptr4 Fishing with match tackle is an exciting process,which is loved not only by avid fishermen, but also by newcomers to the field of fishing. To return from a quiet hunt with large fish, it is important to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of fishing with match tackle and correctly mount the rig.

How to collect match gear

It is important to choose the right rod, taking into account not only its action, but also the relation to the class, test, weight and length. In addition, the angler will need to purchase:

  1. The main line , the functions of which, as a rule, are performed by a monofilament thread. When choosing a thread shade, it is worth considering the color of the water in the reservoir. The recommended line diameter is 0.18 mm. The line for the match has the appropriate markings
  2. Leash . For fishing with match tackle, a fluorocarbon leash is ideal. The length of the leash should be between 25-40 cm.
  3. Lead weights that will help the bait to quickly overcome the top layer of water. The shape of the weight does not really matter.
  4. A hook , the dimensional characteristics of which must correspond to the selected bait.
  5. A spinning reel with low sides and a reliable line retraction mechanism, with a gear ratio of 5. The match reel should have a smooth running All components of the match rod

Also, the fisherman needs to take care of buying a float. Experts recommend giving preference to olive-shaped products. The antenna should be long so that the float is visible even at a long distance.
Floats for match fishing – heavy, with a long antenna
Equipping a match fishing rod on a sliding type Ideal match float – wagler:
Wagler float
Equipping a match rod on a sliding type
Blind rig Match rod as it is – rig and paysite fishing, video from experts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDCCNdJo3uc