5 российских онлайн-галерей, которые помогут вам полюбить искусство



(ˈgæl ə ri, ˈgæl ri) n., pl. -ler•ies. 1. a raised area, often having a stepped or sloping floor, in a theater, church, or other public building to accommodate spectators, exhibits, etc.
2. the uppermost of such areas in a theater, usu. containing the cheapest seats.
3. the occupants of such an area in a theater.
4. the undiscriminating public.
5. any group of spectators or observers, as at a golf match or a legislative session.
6. a room, series of rooms, or building devoted to the exhibition and often the sale of works of art.
7. a long covered area, narrow and open at one or both sides, used esp. as a walk or corridor.
8. Chiefly South Atlantic States. a long porch or portico; veranda.
9. a long, relatively narrow room, esp. one for public use.
10. a raised, balconylike platform or passageway running along the exterior wall of a building inside or outside.
11. a large room or building used for photography, target practice, or other special purposes:
12. a collection or group:
13. a projecting balcony or structure on the quarter or stern of a ship.
14. an ornamental railing surrounding the top of a table, desk, etc.
15. Mining. a level or drift.
16. an underground passageway in a mine, earthwork, or fortification.
17. a passageway made by an animal.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Old French galerie < Medieval Latin galeria, by dissimilation or suffix replacement from galilea, galilæa galilee]
gal′ler•ied, adj.
gal′ler•y•like`, adj.


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Online Art Gallery. Huge collection of fine art reproductions

All our impressions, fantasies, architectural forms, objects, and landscapes miraculously find their display in the creative works of great masters and famous artists. It may be said without exaggeration that any art gallery saturates the viewer a mysterious flavor of high art and unique shades of the inner world of picture creator.

Decorative, monumental, icon painting, cyclorama, miniature, and diorama – all that diversity gives its piece of the world, character and mood to everyone. Despite of this, the steps for creating of yet another reproduction of paintings by famous artists is still enigmatic and have a specific mysterious haze. Perhaps it is this that enables the viewer enthusiastically enjoy rich palette, unusual forms and sublime the depth of the work subject for each time.

Being a true admirer of an artist, like the first time ever, you feel delight to watch how on the surface of the canvas new images and the relentless flow of paint reveal. The artist though breathes life into those paints and they are playfully falling to the canvas of a new creation, sometimes spreading widely and freely and sometimes splashing out and gently laying down with layers. Every brushstroke on reproductions of famous paintings creates a new element. It may be materialized in defiant and indefatigable nature of the ‘Storm off the coast of Nice’ by Ivan Aivazovsky, or soft and warm tones of the ‘Swiss landscape with horses’ by Alexei Savrasov.

What’s interesting is that any reproduction of the same master discovers new facets of his talent. The only crucial momentum is where the artist draws inspiration from creating a unique variation of the ancient, medieval or abstract lines. Painters in their work skillfully combine the last page of the mysterious past and unheralded present. Perhaps, therefore, art gallery gives an inspiration romantic pulse turned toward to the images of the past of figurative or traditional art.

Here we notice the creative talented authors’ eternal search both in past and in present time. If you eager to feel their spirit and mood, go back to the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage or the Russian Museum today, the only thing you need is to download pictures of famous artists and enjoy their realism, color high art. And those pictures, like many years ago, never ceases to surprise painting connoisseurs. Many artists in their works appeal to history, to the images of the last century. This makes reproductions not only artistically valuable, but interesting intellectually. Admirers of past and contemporary pictorial forms appreciate also the «breath of life.» Every stroke, glare, and shade transmits the rich reality of the whole subject. For that reason Leonardo da Vinci once said about the painting as poetry that is seen. Just take a closer look at the rich palette of Renoir’s famous «Bouquet Of Roses In A Green Vase». From the first moment it seems as though we can smell the alluring sweet flavor, feel the tenderness of each petal and freshness of the dew drops. And the art of Anders Zorn is a hymn to a woman’s beauty, sensuality and elegance. The artist masterfully conveyed the modern aesthetics of nude art, filled with lofty academic style and the dynamics of Futurism. Undoubtedly, these reproductions of paintings by famous artists give us a fresh look at familiar things depicted on canvas. They not only delight with the incredible wealth of colors and shades, but also convey to people the beauty of the surrounding world, to awaken the best feelings in them.

Today, Gallerix.ru is the largest online art gallery in Russian language internet (RuNet) featuring fine art paintings, reproductions of paintings by Russian and foreign artists, as well as collections of the world’s major museums. Our weekly updated gallery now contains about 25 000 high resolution images with more than 150 000 paintings in the site’s archive. We hope you enjoy your tour through our galleries, and find something useful or interesting for you. Welcome and thank you for visiting our web site!

Gallery is going into hibernation

Submitted by bharat on Fri, 2014-06-20 23:19

Need Gallery help? Try the new community support forum: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/gallery3/info

The Gallery team has decided to take a step back from actively maintaining this project. Truth be told, most of the core team got busy with their lives over the past few years and we haven’t had the time to really actively maintain the project in a long time. The forums have continued to be lively and helpful and there is still plenty of good conversation there — but no new code has been written in the past 6 months and that’s not likely to change.

So after over 14 years, 3 major revisions of the project, many tens of releases, hundreds of contributors, tens of thousands of lines of code, almost a hundred thousand forum topics and almost four hundred thousand comments, it’s time for us to shutter up shop.

Why not just leave the site up and operational? Unfortunately — it takes time to actively maintain and police our site. The Gallery website is constantly under attack by spammers and our servers require maintenance. We’ve been doing that for years, but it’s time to call it quits.

So what’s next? Sometime soon we’ll make the website read only. All the forum posts and topics will still be there, but we’ll stop letting people log in and add new content. This will greatly prevent the spread of spam through the site while still allowing search engines to find useful content. Then we’ll put the whole site into a very low-overhead maintenance mode until we run out of money to keep it up. Then we’ll shut the site down.

While the site is hibernating, some systems will continue to work. You’ll be able to download translations for Gallery 3, for example. But at some point we’ll stop accepting translation uploads. And when we run out of money, translations will go away. Sorry about that.

It’s been a great ride. I’m glad that you could join us with it. But now it’s time to move on.


Gallery needs Linux package maintainers

Submitted by ckdake on Wed, 2013-02-06 14:41

We need you! (Or maybe someone you know.) Gallery 3 is not available in many major Linux distributions via their package managers. We think it should be, but we don’t have the time or know-how to make it happen. If you know a thing or two about Linux package management and have been itching to contribute to Gallery, now is your chance:

  • RedHat/Fedora/etc have access to Gallery 3 via EPEL already. Hoorah!
  • Ubuntu seems to only have Gallery 2: http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/gallery2
  • Debian is missing Gallery 3 due to some licensing things that we need help sorting out. See the bug and the discussion for details.
  • Gentoo seems stuck on Gallery 2: http://gentoo-portage.com/www-apps/gallery.
  • And of course the 1000s of other Linux distributions out there…

Правописание слова

Нормы правописания русского языка утверждают единственно верный вариант написания этого слова: галерея.

Слово имеет несколько значений:

  1. Коридор, соединяющий разные части здания;
  2. Самый высокий ярус в зрительном зале;
  3. Длинный и узкий проход, иногда подземный;
  4. Помещение, в котором проводятся выставки произведений искусства.

В косвенном значении – вереница, последовательность.

Это существительное женского рода является французским заимствованием, и в оригинале пишется следующим образом: galerie. Но во французский язык оно, в свою очередь, пришло  из итальянского: galleria в переводе означает церковная паперть. Корни же итальянского слова восходят к латыни.

Многих сбивает с толку то, как слово выглядит на английском, с удвоенной ЛЛ – gallery. Однако, брать его за образец будет неправильным, ведь в лексиконе русского языка прижился более молодой французский вариант написания.

Так как словарные слова попадают под правило транслитерации, которое предписывает точную побуквенную передачу написания с одного языка на другой, слово галерея утвердилось с одной буквой Л, как и в исходном французском варианте.

В составе слова — корень «галере», окончание — «я». Ударение следует ставить на 3-й слог: галерЕя.

Не так просто написать существительное галерея безошибочно, ведь оно содержит много сомнительных мест. Помимо сонорной согласной Л, которую можно по ошибке удвоить, это и две первые безударные гласные А и Е, которые в произношении могут звучать иначе, чем в написании: гОлерея, галИрея.

Сомнительную безударную гласную Е в корне можно проверить, подобрав однокоренное слово, в котором она будет находиться в сильной позиции: галёрка. В корне слова идет чередование Е/Ё. И, согласно орфографическим нормам, в слове, которое нуждалось в проверке, в таком случае пишется Е.

  Примеры предложений

В нашей картинной галерее начала работу выставка, посвященная легендарному художнику-сюрреалисту Сальвадору Дали.
Было бы невероятным упущением приехать в Москву и обойти вниманием знаменитую Третьяковскую галерею.
Несмотря на молодой возраст, он уже проявил себя как одаренный живописец – его работы находятся в экспозиции местной художественной галереи.
В выходные мы планируем посетить нашу городскую достопримечательность – галерею современного искусства.
В скором времени в отремонтированном здании должна открыться выставочная галерея.
Пешеходный бульвар в центре города теперь украшает галерея фотографий на специальных стендах.

Шаблоны веб-сайтов галереи 2021

Шаблоны веб-сайтов галереи созданы для веб-сайта с портфолио фотографий, веб-сайта полноэкранной фотогалереи, сайта портфолио агента по недвижимости, портфолио фотографа, веб-сайта фотографии и т. Д. HTML-шаблон веб-сайта фотогалереи является адаптивным, и вы можете увидеть, как все будет смотреть на лендинге. Вы можете самостоятельно изменить портфолио с помощью конструкторов сайтов. Веб-шаблоны галереи имеют полностью стандартный веб-дизайн с полной кросс-браузерной функциональностью. Лучшие простые шаблоны сайтов фотогалереи с интересными цветами и графикой, а также набором специальных опций. Изучите популярные категории лучших бесплатных шаблонов веб-сайтов HTML, шаблоны веб-сайтов для фотографий, темы WordPress для портфолио, шаблоны WordPress для фотогалереи, бизнес-темы WordPress, веб-шаблоны для фотографий, лучшие шаблоны веб-сайтов для галерей, бесплатные шаблоны HTML, современные веб-шаблоны для веб-студий, графические ресурсы с одностраничными макетами портфолио фотографий, шаблонами начальной загрузки, шаблоном веб-сайта фотогалереи для галереи профессионального фотографа, шаблоном веб-сайта фотографии, адаптивными шаблонами веб-сайтов WordPress и т. д.

Вы даже можете загрузить простой одностраничный HTML-шаблон портфолио веб-сайта с его контактной формой. Классные HTML-шаблоны дизайн-студии входят в популярные категории. Шаблон веб-сайта галереи с плагинами WordPress дает вам возможность добавить галерею изображений в ваш адаптивный шаблон веб-сайта. html5 оптимизирован для поискового продвижения, обеспечивает быструю загрузку сайта, поддерживает интеграцию с социальными сетями. Бесплатный шаблон фотогалереи подходит для туристического агентства, портфолио, современного бизнеса и личного использования. Вы можете добавить контактную информацию и значки социальных сетей в шаблон целевой страницы фотографии html5.
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n. pl. gal·ler·ies
1. A roofed promenade, especially one extending along the wall of a building and supported by arches or columns on the outer side.

2. A long enclosed passage, such as a hallway or corridor.

a. A narrow balcony, usually having a railing or balustrade, along the outside of a building.

b. A projecting or recessed passageway along an upper story on the interior or exterior of a large building, generally marked by a colonnade or arcade.

c. Such a passageway situated over the aisle of a church and opening onto the nave. Also called tribune2.

4. Southwestern Gulf States See veranda.

a. An upper section, often with a sloping floor, projecting from the rear or side walls of a theater or an auditorium to provide additional seating.

b. The seats in such a section, usually cheaper than those on the main floor.

c. The cheapest seats in a theater, generally those of the uppermost gallery.

d. The audience occupying a gallery or cheap section of a theater.

6. A large audience or group of spectators, as at a tennis or golf match.

7. The general public, usually considered as exemplifying a lack of discrimination or sophistication:

a. A building, room, or website for the exhibition of artistic work.

b. An establishment that displays and sells works of art.

c. A photographer’s studio.

9. A collection; an assortment:

a. An underground tunnel or passageway, as in a cave or one dug for military or mining purposes.

b. A tunnel or series of tunnels made by an animal.

11. Nautical A platform or balcony at the stern or quarters of some early sailing ships.

12. A decorative upright trimming or molding along the edge of a table top, tray, or shelf.

[Middle English galerie, from Old French, from Old North French galilee, galilee; see galilee.]

gal′ler·ied adj.

Our Living Language In Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, an open roofed porch that runs along at least one side of a house has been called a gallery: «Out on the small front gallery she had hung Bobinôt’s Sunday clothes to air» (Kate Chopin). Craig M. Carver, the author of American Regional Dialects, points out that the word gallery, from Old French galerie, was borrowed into British English in the 15th century and was brought over to the American colonies by English-speaking settlers. Although the word in the sense «porch» did not survive in the American English of the East Coast, it was borrowed separately, probably from Acadian French, into the English of 18th-century Louisiana and there survived as part of the Southwestern Gulf dialect.